Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Print power

New Orleans Saints fans wanting to preserve the ecstasy of the team's first Super Bowl win Sunday turned to a reliable source - the Monday print edition of the Times-Picayune.

Forget printouts from the Internet. They lined up to buy print newspapers - by the tens of thousands, to be read, framed or tucked away for years as cherished souvenirs.

They lined up at the newspaper office, corner stores and newspaper boxes Monday morning, pushing sales to a record 500,000-plus for the 173-year-old newspaper.

"The newspaper, featuring a 5-inch-tall 'Amen!' headline to celebrate the Saints' Super Bowl victory, has already sold well over half a million copies, more than triple a normal Monday," says a story in the paper.

When the demand didn't ebb, the newspaper decided to keep the presses rolling and advised readers more copies would be available this morning at selected locations.

Dozens of copies of Monday's paper were quickly listed on eBay starting at $5 to $20.

A great and reaffirming day for print media, as written earlier in the day in Editor & Publisher.


  1. PKP - are you reading this?

  2. PKP doesn't read newspapers. He just ruins them.

    By the way, five more Niagara editors being shown the door - two in Niagara Falls and three in Welland. All paginating to be done in St. Catharines.

    The gutting will just never, ever end. He's addicted to it. Why can't shareholders see he's detroying the company they've invested in? What will it take???

  3. With the Olympics coming up, we'll definitely see how this factory line of printing the papers at once place will impact what coverage gets in.

    I can imagine how pissed readers will be in some areas such as Niagara with a ridiculous early deadline with items that will be two days old by the time they get in the paper.

    Of course, no one is changing the printing schedules to meet the biggest sporting event in Canadian history. That would make sense but may cost a few extra dollars in overtime and we can't go doing that, right PKP?

  4. For the second poster - one night editor and one life editor from Niagara Falls. A second night editor will be moved to St. Catharines once pagination starts there.
    And it wasn't three editors in Welland, it was three reporters. Sorry, technically one of those reporters could be considered an editor since they work on a weekly publication, as well as the daily, put out by Welland.

  5. For poster #2 - Two editors were let go in Niagara Falls. A life editor and night editor. And one of the other night editors is headed to St. Catharines for when central pagination goes there.
    Three reporters were let go at the Tribune. No editors were let go at the Tribune.

    I too wish shareholders would look at what is being done. Sure, they are getting decent returns now, but when there's no papers left, no money will come in for them. Wasn't Quebecor World (the printing company) tops in North America until PKP took over and drove it into the ground? I am sure the same will happen to this company.

    As to poster #3's comment - Readers in that area aren't happy now. Once the Olympics roll around, they'll be livid. But there is also that three hour time difference between Ontario and B.C. that will make it hard to get stuff in anyway.