Wednesday, 17 February 2010

May media month

The talk of the town in Toronto on May 13 and 14 will be newspapers.

But from internal memos sent to Sun Media employees recently, few, if any, Sun reps will be in play for the 2010 Ink & Beyond conference, the National Newspaper Awards, Canadian Community Newspaper Awards and Ontario Community Newspaper Association Awards.

A CNW Group press release says CCNAs will be awarded at the Sheraton Centre Hotel on May 13 and the NNAs and OCNAs will be awarded May 14.

If any Sun Media employees are in attendance as potential award winners, it will be on their own dime and time.

More than 300 CEOs, publishers, editors and corporate executives are expected to attend the Ink & Beyond conference.

John Paton, a former Sun Media exec named Editor & Publisher's 2009 Publisher of the Year, will be one of the guest speakers.

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