Monday, 8 February 2010

Odds & ends

Wayne Newton, pink-slipped in November as editorial coordinator/national comment editor, returned to the London Free Press on Saturday with a guest column about minor hockey. Wayne is also on Twitter. He went with the less Vegas sounding WayneWriteOn.

The CTV Ottawa blaze that destroyed the building and much of its contents leaves us wondering how many print and broadcast media outlets have backups of irreplaceable files and videos. “The news archives are gone,” said one staffer. A TV station without its past.

A fun Sunday Sun column was Mike Strobel's self-Googling, cleverly titled Meet the Strobels. "Ignoring warnings about going blind, I’ve been Googling myself for the past few hours," Mike writes. His "Mike Strobel" hunt produced rock stars, gamers and spies.

Happy 100th to the Boy Scouts of America. As Cubs and Scouts we were taught to Be Prepared and most times we were, but we were not prepared for the media upheaval of the past decade.


  1. Archives at our office are a disaster. Just boxes of stuff thrown about in a closet. Pages of history just fading to yellow and no one cares to do anything about it as that would cost money and heaven forbid we invest in preserving the past.

    Thankfully the local library keeps everything in order.

  2. A clarification re: the status of Starweek in single copy (store-bought) papers. Please see the third paragraph of Mr. Cruickshank's article as linked in the original post.

    "Starweek will still be included in all single copies sold in stores and newspaper boxes."

  3. For decades, TV stations and even networks routinely reused tapes, taping over stuff that was taped and shown previously. Vast swaths of popular culture have been lost forever, sadly.

    Even libraries are getting into the act -- many are gradually throwing away old hard copies of newspapers. Often they are put on microfiche but it is a medium that fades and eventually disappears over time. Sad.