Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Random thoughts

Isn't ironic that Toronto Sun editors don't consider Olympic silver worthy of a front page, but devote countless words and numerous fronts to the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Leafs haven't been front and centre on the Stanley Cup podium since 1967 and so far this season continue to embrace the basement in overall standings.

But Leafs fronts keep on coming.

What is the logic in devoting so much time, energy and space to a team that has been out of the No. 1 spot for more than four decades?

Meanwhile, here's to Sun sportswriter Alison Korn for putting Steve Buffery in his place in yesterday's Sun. You can come second and be proud of your performance.

We would applaud second place for the Leafs, or third, or fourth and be proud of their performance, but it just isn't happening.

Sun logic says the Leafs should not be front page material until they are No. 1, but Sun editors are an illogical bunch these days.

No front for a silver medal winner, but yet another Leafs front Tuesday announcing a multi-part series on blunders in Leafland.


Wake us when the Leafs are out of the cellar and contenders once again.


  1. Consider leaving your wishes in your Last and Will and Testament. Hard core (I really have nothing else to do Leaf fans) should consider this option.
    At least they can die knowing...maybe one of my offspring will see a Leaf’s Stanley Cup win.

    ps. In colour to boot!

  2. When the Leafs stop selling papers maybe it'll get switched up.