Thursday, 18 February 2010

Olympics spirit?

Wednesday's Sun fronts.

So who had the Winter Olympics spirit with Canada's second gold win Tuesday by snowboard cross competitor Maelle Ricker of North Vancouver?

Well, let's see:

Edmonton Sun (our fave)

Calgary Sun

Winnipeg Sun

Ottawa Sun

Toronto Sun


  1. Budget that affects a few million people or west coast girl winning gold. Not a tough decision, but those insecure type of Canadians will of course question such a move.

  2. What in the hell .... Must ask all those who posted earlier who seemed to favour front being used for gold only: what do they say to this?

    Also, whilst we are talking Olympics, am I the only one who thought Warmington's rant about "forgetting Terry Fox" was on the overwrought side?

  3. The Toronto Sun seems to have forgotten the cardinal rule for top-story treatment: What are people talking about? Do editors seriously think the buzz on the street is the Miller budget? If so, then I guess it's the right call. But if not (and I seriously doubt it is) .....