Sunday, 29 May 2011

40th locale?

A former Toronto Sun composing/prepress staffer who had 35 years on the job when the department shut down two years ago writes:

Where do you think this event (the Sun's 40th anniversary) might be held?

Betty's on King St.?

No Frills store/old pressroom?

Eclipse Building?

The vacant Sun building?

Just curious.


The 40th could be the last hurrah for surviving Day Oners and others from the 1970s and the remaining glory years.

But with just over five months to go, the 40th could be a dud, with perhaps a few Day Oners getting together for dinner.

TSF doubts Quebecor will be chipping in a dime for the 40th.

Certainly not for anything comparable to 20th anniversary celebration at the SkyDome, a Doug Creighton inspired affair Sun vets remember well.

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