Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fightin' words

Thanks to a TSF reader for this Tweet attributed to Andrew Coyne, national editor of Maclean's and CBC political panelist:

"I guess all i can say is I'd rather be caught naked in a massage parlour than fully clothed working for SunNews."

Speaking of the new Quebecor venture, Bell satellite subscribers sitting down yesterday for an anticipated day of post-election gloating found only a blank screen. 

A Canadian Press story says Quebecor requested the plug be pulled by May 3 in a fee dispute with Bell.

Except for the opportunity to see a few Toronto Sun vets again, no great loss. Bring back Sun TV and Supernatural reruns.

Now that Harper has a majority, perhaps Canada no longer needs a news channel devoted to 24-hour far right frothing.   


  1. Quebecor really dropped the ball on the SunNews launch. For weeks the Peterborough Examiner was forced to run pages of hype yet the majority of readers can't get the channel as the local cable provider doesn't carry it yet. Premature editorializing?

  2. Fine with me if he never works for Sun Media.
    It's not as if what he said is true. Sounds as if he's guilty of the same bombast and smearing he appears to dislike so much in the Sun. One thing is for sure, that story got more people's attention than Andrew Coyne has in a while — if ever.

  3. Yes I didn't shed any tears learning I have one less channel on my Bell satellite package.

    And the ratings continue to plummet...

  4. And who's surprised? I didn't hear a single Sun employee think the channel was a good idea when it was first announced.

  5. Sun News Network thinks it's being shortchanged by Bell and tells the carrier to remove the signal. Bell obliges. Then Sun Media posts an incredibly one-sided 'story' that tells people to call Bell to complain the signal was yanked and encourages those same people to drop Bell and find another satellite/cable provider. Huh? Is this how Sun Media does business nowadays -- through passive-aggression with a dash of martyrdom? Having seen the channel's offerings, I wouldn't pay much for that shoestring-budget, nominal-news-value content. And I do not work for Bell.

  6. What a deluded operation. Every time they bash the CBC, it just reminds me there's probably something better on CBC I could be watching.

  7. So much for objective journalism, eh? They aren't being objective if they are running a daily feature on CBC in all of their newspapers. They even have a page devoted to it.

    "CBC Money Drain"