Thursday, 5 May 2011

Print ed axed

Former Journal de Montreal employees have axed the weekly print edition of Rue Frontenac after 25 issues citing a lack of advertising.

The final edition of the French-language weekly, with a distribution of 75,000 copies per week, was published last Thursday.

The online story says "the concentration of the press leaves little chance for independent media. Agencies that manage the investments of large advertising companies prefer to negotiate contracts with media groups rather than negotiate piecemeal. It's more convenient and less labor."
Rue Frontenac, launched following the January 2009 lockout of 253 Journal employees, will continue online, with new projects in mind, the story says.



    Three weeks ago, the London Free Press published an article asking readers for free photos, video, audio interviews, written articles and story ideas. And to go even further, the LFP is offering to train its readers on how to be a journalist. That's right, the LFP will be running journalism seminars for interested readers who will then work for free. Once they're out on a story, the free "journalist" will not be left on their own - they will be working with an editor who will guide them through the story at hand.

  2. Why pay if you can get it for free is the way this company thinks. Quality? Who cares as long as the news holes are filled.

    Where is the union to say something about this?