Thursday, 19 May 2011

TV news

Perhaps veteran Sun Media TV columnist Bill Harris is overworked and the chain needs a second TV writer to handle the wide interests of couch potatoes across Canada.

How else to explain the absence of any Sun mention this week of the cancellation of America's Most Wanted and a slew of cop shows and sci-fi series?

We read elsewhere that The Cape, V, The Event, No Ordinary Family, Chicago Code, Lie To Me, Human Target, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Chase, Detroit 1-8-7, Brothers & Sisters are among the cancellations to date.  

As Rob Salem said in Monday's Star, this is a "veritable bloodbath of cancellations."

That would be worthy news to Sun readers,

Fox axing America's Most Wanted after 23 years has launched a Save AMW movement.

The Washington Post and many other newspapers have had their say, but the Sun? Nada.

Sun Media excels in movie and sports coverage, but not television.

Bill Harris needs a helping hand.

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  1. Wait, you mean people watch something else other than Sun News? That can't be true!

    - PKP's line of thinking