Sunday, 15 May 2011

We get links

A TSF reader says:
Here's an eye-catching headline.
It will be interesting to see the CRTC ruling on this. 
Carriage value of Sun News Network has been reduced to 'zero': Bell


  1. Valid point, if we can get it for free over the air, why would Bell have to pay to carry the signal? It's the advertising that is supposed to keep the TV networks alive.

    I do not appreciate the misleading campaign against bell they have been printing in all of their newspapers. They told Bell to drop the signal and then launched a full-scale attack against them for not coming to an agreement.

    Sun News Network is a brand new network, so they have to prove that they are worth it. They can't expect all of the carriers to beg and grovel. It's a two-way street.

    PKP, stop whining. You can't get everything you want. You have to earn it.

  2. It's ironic that in order to read the full article linked here you have to pay $25 (that's just insane).