Tuesday, 17 May 2011

SNN not live

Now you see it for free on the Internet, now you don't.

The plug has been pulled on the live Sun News streaming feed a week after Sun Media gave Bell subscribers an alternative to being blacked by an ongoing carriage fee dispute. 

"I see Sun News dropped the live stream which they just got working last week," says a TSF reader. "Someone's listening to Bell!"


  1. Actually, the way the tweets were worded by Sun News' hosts, it sounded from the beginning like the live feed would only be around for a few days, ending last Friday.

    Who needs to do research, though?

  2. Is that why the live feed now says "coming soon"?

    As opposed to say, actually saying something like "sorry, SunNewsnetwork is no longer broadcasting online. Please call your cable or satellite provider to access"?

  3. RE: the Sun's ongoing battle against Bell:

    Notice that the Toronto Sun's daily full-page anti-Bell rant has now adopted a red-white-and-blue theme (blue with red and white stripes). But instead of using stars like the US flag, it uses tiny maple leafs. The page also uses an illustration of the USA's Liberty Bell. The headline also directly alludes to USA history. The page goes on to brag that Sun TV is Canadian.

    This full-page rant also claims that Sun TV is a competitor of the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and Al Jazeera.

    Currently, the Toronto Sun does "news" stories about Sun TV and its talking heads and also about QMI Agency. (Must be nice to have all that extra news hole). So don't be surprised when the Sun starts to do "news" stories about upset TV viewers who are mad at Bell for not carrying Sun TV. As soon as it can find an upset TV viewer...

    Note that Bell still promotes Sun TV as being on its basic English TV package.

    Bell will eventually carry Sun TV (late summer / fall) just after the switchover to all-digital. Sun TV will change its demands and Bell will throw Sun TV a bone and put it back on the air. When this happens, the Sun will brag that it won the war, that Sun readers helped save the day, etc, etc. Bell will take the high road and keep quiet.

    Bell has nothing to gain by keeping Sun TV off the air. That Bell owns CTV and its affiliates is a red herring despite the Sun's tantrums. In fact, if only for marketing purposes, Bell needs Sun TV to match up with the other Canadian carriers. Gotta' fill those 500 channels somehow.

    There are dozens of small channels that had no problem getting picked up. There are a few more channels that will launch later this year. No problems, no tantrums, no drama. Did any of these channels have the backing of a billion dollar corporation?

    Sun TV goofed big time on this. This might be ironic(?) if you recall the front page headline of the very first Toronto Sun.

  4. The papers in the chain are now being told to run a small ad type bit on their front pages, on the left side columns for dailies, to promote this silly SunTV vs Bell fight.

    This whole fight is a red herring. When the network fails, and it will because it is horrible, PKP will be place blame on others, not on himself for such a terrible decision.

  5. When that TV station tanks and fails - and it will - consider it sweet karma for all the people who had their jobs cut to pay for it. I'll be one of the hundreds who will sit back and smile.

  6. I just don't see why Bell would have to pay for Sun News Network when they aren't paying for the other networks that are available over the air.

    It's the advertising that is supposed to keep the TV channels alive, not the so-called local TV fee.