Sunday, 16 March 2008

Andy the golfer

As an artist/cartoonist, the Toronto Sun's Andy Donato has hit countless holes-in-one with his artistic and award-winning labour of love over the decades.

But that ultimate achievement on the golf course, his other passion, eluded him until this week at the Live Oak Golf Course in Bacon Park, Savannah.

"Yes, I finally got a hole in one at the Live Oak course in Bacon Park, Savannah - 146 yards into the wind with a 4 iron, one hop and in," says Andy in a TSF e-mail.

"I thought it was off the back of the green, but my friend Tom MacMillan said 'I think it's in.'"

In it was and then it was back to the game.

Congrats, Andy.

Achieving that rare golf feat must be worth a cartoon or two.

And it should almost compensate for the multi-million dollar lottery jackpot you missed out on by one number.

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