Monday, 10 March 2008

Jocko Thomas

What a treasure the Toronto Star has in 94-year-old Gwyn "Jocko" Thomas, retired since 1989 but always a phone call away for recollections of Toronto life.

While most newspapers rely on library file clippings for news of the record 1938-39 snowfall, the Star got a detailed first-person account from Jocko, who was a cub reporter at the time.

Jocko spent 60 years at the Star and 50 of those years saw him reporting from police headquarrrrters.

The Star should give Jocko a weekly column to share his experiences as a police reporter and for recollections of Toronto over the past eight decades.

The Toronto Sun has its senior writers - Peter Worthington and George Gross - but they are only in their 80s. Pups.

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