Monday, 31 March 2008

Newseum Suns

Updated 04/01/08
The Toronto Sun's celebrated front pages are being sent to Newseum- they just aren't showing up in the online media museum's archives.

Thanks to an "anonymous" TSF reader at the Sun, we stand corrected after using a more direct way to view daily front pages from across Canada. Start here.

If you start with a Front Pages archives search for "Toronto Sun," only one previous Sun front page from July of 2007 appears. The tipster assures us Sun fronts have been appearing more frequently, so it is Newseum's bad.

Go directly to the daily fronts by region (North America) option and up pops fronts from across the country. As always, Sun fronts stand out in a crowd. (Click on a front for larger, full frontal viewing.)

Today's Toronto Sun front is one 624 from 54 countries.

Newseum's new media museum in Washington, D.C., which opens April 11, will also display front pages from around the world.

It is a great way for competitive newspapers to boost their presence in the global media village - and do a little chest beating at the same time.

Time after time, since the Toronto Sun was launched in 1971, its front pages have been suitable for framing and Newseum provides a wider audience.

Looking down the electronic road, will there come a day when computer users will be clicking on front pages for pay-per-view reading of all of the pages?

A daily smorgasbord of world newspapers at your fingertips?

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