Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Eddie lite A+

Readers of Monday's Toronto Sun saw the lighter side of Eddie Greenspan for the first time since his op-ed column was launched in February - and it was priceless.

We were getting a little concerned that Canada's celebrity criminal lawyer would confine himself to the finer points of law, which can be a yawner for some Sun readers.

Then along comes yesterday's "Technology apology" column about Blackberries and how they should be for eating, not e-mailing, and his computer-free lifestyle.

Word for word, it is the most humorous and clever column we have read in the op-ed pages, which tend to be dominated by politics and gloomy world events.

Eddie says while he doesn't have a computer, he does have an e-mail address that his office assistant monitors. The same assistant who takes shorthand dictation because he doesn't use a computer.

(A top criminal lawyer representing some of the most famous names in North America and he doesn't use a computer? Sit-com material.)

If you don't laugh while reading his e-mail address, you are guilty of something.

We've always known Eddie has a sense of humor. Glad to see he is going to mix it up with his Sun column. Maybe in one of his future lighter columns he could write about how he views lawyers on TV and in the movies.

Eddie Greenspan and Alan Shanoff, two lawyers writing entertaining columns for the Sun.

Who knew?

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