Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Re Nation River

Lusia Dion says the Nation River Lady "is a pet case of mine."

The Ottawa-area resident was responding to a TSF posting about Brian Gray's cyber sleuths story in Monday's Sun.

The Doe Network's area director for Ontario and keeper of her own Ontario Missing Adults web site has devoted considerable time to the 1975 cold case.

As the 33rd anniversary of the discovery of the nude, bound body in the Nation River near Casselman approaches, fresh eyes are needed. And a lot of contradictory details published since 1975 need to be clarified.

The Ottawa Sun and other Sun Media newspapers could do justice for the Nation River Lady by sitting down with police with a check list to confirm each and every detail of the cold case - her description, the evidence, police theories and her recent DNA profiling.

And did the OPP ever approach John Walsh with a request to profile the case on his popular and productive America's Most Wanted program? His viewers have solved John and Jane Doe cases with far fewer clues than available in the Nation River Lady case.

In November of 2005, OPP reopened the case and were hopeful a $50,000 reward "for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the murder of this unidentified victim" would produce new leads.

In November of 2006, 31 years after the discovery of the body, police disclosed the Nation River Lady had webbed feet. (See the detailed 2006 CBC News story and a 2007 CBC story.)

Sue Sgambati's 2007 Court TV update interview with OPP Det. Insp. Phil George is also online. Hearing the evidence directly from a police spokesman is most helpful.

The Nation River Lady case remains open.

Volunteer cyber sleuths interested in helping to give the Nation River Lady a name are invited to check out the Ontario Missing Adults web site page devoted to the case.

The web site contradicts descriptions published by the media in the 1980s and 1990s, so updated details, like the webbed feet and partial dentures, might help provide new leads.

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