Friday, 30 May 2008

Ah, Page 3 girls

David Asper, in a National Post Full Comment blurb on the Maxime Bernier/Julie Couillard affair, says:

"Most of the Canadian media started looking like a Sun Media page-three photo. Then, add a touch of bad-girl "biker chick" innuendo - and our libido-driven prurient interests come alive."

Ah, memories of Page 3 SUNshine Girls. How long has it been since they were booted to the back pages? Five, 10 years?

Internationally, the tab girls are on Page 3. Girls on Page 3, gossip on Page 6. But beginning with the Toronto Sun, Sun Media ladies were banished to the back pages and diminished in size. The popular Page 6 feature in T.O. is also history, but that is another story.

Burying the ladies was a major blunder made by those with broadsheet mentalities and it - and other changes - moved the Sun away from its wildly successful tabloid formula and down a slippery slope to mounting reader indifference.

But to longtime readers like David Asper, they will always be Page 3 girls in our hearts.

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