Sunday, 25 May 2008

Dyck leaving

Sun Media just can't seem to keep its award winning photographers.

Darryl Dyck, named photographer of the year yesterday by the Canadian Association of Journalists, is leaving the Edmonton Sun after 10 award-winning years.

"Unfortunately, he’s leaving the Edmonton Sun while he’s at the top," says an Edmonton Sunday Sun story by Kevin Crush. The story says Dyck is headed for the west coast to work as a freelance photographer.

However, Edmontonians should still be able to see his photos because he plans to be working for the Canadian Press wire service, the story says.

In April, Calgary Sun photographer Brett Gundlock learned he had won a couple of Dunlop Awards. He moved to the National Post in Toronto on May 7, weeks before the Dunlop Awards gala June 26.

And, as noted recently after his NNA photography win, Dave Chidley was lost to the Canadian Press after 23 years at Sun Media when laid off by the London Free Press. He had previously worked at the Calgary and Toronto Suns.

Plus award winning Toronto Sun photog Dave Lucas, who fled to the Globe and Mail in April of 2007.

Four gifted young Sun Media photographers lost in less than two years.

Plus Fred Thornhill, an award winning Toronto Sun vet who took a buyout last year during the Quebecor cutbacks chaos and is now shooting photos for Reuters.

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