Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sun families

For a lot of Sun employees, the "family" in Sun family has been just that - family.

Doug Creighton and sons Bruce and Donald; Robert MacDonald and daughter Moira; Doug MacFarlane and son Richard; Paul Rimstead and brother Rolf; Peter Worthington and stepdaughter Danielle, the Tonks brothers etc.

Now that the Sun chain has been around for almost 40 years, we're getting another generation of Sun family members.

Enter Sean McCann, 28, a new copy editor at the Calgary Sun. He is the son of Sean McCann, a former Toronto and Calgary Sun vet. Sean Sr., now a grandpa, taught his son well.

And Ryan Pyette, a promising young Sun Media sports writer working out of the London Free Press, is a nephew of Les Pyette, the retired Toronto/Calgary/LFP Sun vet.

Sun, in the blood, all the way.

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