Thursday, 1 May 2008

WinSun strike?

Winnipeg Sun employees have voted 83% to strike, says the Winnipeg Free Press. The vote yesterday did not set a strike deadline.

"Sun Media has been attacking our members for the past two years and created a horrible work atmosphere," Adolph Setek, CEP Local 191 rep, said in a release, the Free Press story says.

The 100 employees in the CEP bargaining unit have been without a contract since Dec. 31, 2007. The strike vote was held after 11 days of talks failed to reach an agreement.

A CEP Bargaining Bulletin in February described the early negotiations.

"The company has tabled some dramatic proposals, especially in the advertising department while the union proposals seek to protect the solid contract we have and make gains in job security," says the bulletin.

"Talks have been cordial so far but both sides know there are contentious issues ahead when we start talking money."

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