Friday, 23 May 2008

Press Council

The Ontario Press Council doesn't get a lot of ink year to year, but the work goes on 32 years after it was launched to monitor the conduct of newspapers across the province.

A recent summary of complaints shows there were 100 reader complaints in 2007, down from 120 in 2006 and "well below the record 169 in 1992."

The posted decisions make for interesting reading and involve every level of print media in Ontario, from small town dailies to the Big Four in T.O., including the Toronto Sun.

Readers of any Ontario newspaper can register complaints with the OPC in writing if they are not satisfied with responses from newspapers, but how many readers are aware of the process?

Obviously, enough to keep the OPC busy.

Says the OPC:

"From its inception in 1972 to the end of 2007, the Council adjudicated 524 complaints, upholding all or part of 260 and dismissing 254, some with reservations. Two complaints were withdrawn after hearings and no decision was reached in the remaining eight."

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