Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Darren & Tim out

Darren "Woody" McGee and Tim Fryer, two veteran Toronto Sun copy desk vets, were axed yesterday and escorted to the door, say several TSF tipsters.

That mind boggling news shreds any of the hirings and other positive vibes at the Sun in the past few months.

"No reason given (not that Quebecor ever needs one) and an Osprey staffer was watching to step in once Woody and Tim were escorted out of the building," says a reliable source.

Another source, former Sun graphics vet Len Fortune, told TSF:

"Got the news last night that both Tim Fryer and Woody McGee got their walking papers yesterday.

"Tim and Woody have been the mainstay of the rim . . . hopefully both were prepared for the Sun's actions and weren't blindsided.

"I can't comment on the Sun's action as I have no details, but I will say that the two were instrumental in the successes of the Sun and that the paper owes both for their effort.

"I wish them and their families good health and happiness."

Another tipster, calling the axing of McGee and Fryer a "shocker" announcement, tells TSF:

"It is baffling that Quebecor would lay off two senior longtime editors (neither of whom is in the union) out of the blue like this."

Darren and Tim were among the unsung heroes of the rim since the 1980s and great people to work with night after night.

Out with the old pros, who know the magic of tabloid news packaging and creating those celebrated front pages, in with? Who knows.

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  1. WTF!!!! I just heard. Craziness. Now I've seen it all from that place. Welcome to the other side guys. You may actually feel better for it. I know I did.