Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Fournier & NNAs

Did we miss it, or did the Toronto Sun not publish a single word about Friday's National Newspaper Awards banquet in Toronto?

It took an e-mail to TSF from Bryan Cantley, NNA secretary, to discover that Lew Fournier, a Toronto Sun copy desk vet, was recognized as an "unsung hero for his great career on the desk."

Cantley says Sun Media's participation at the NNAs needs to be mentioned. He writes:

"I wanted to post some info on the Saturday NNA story about the number of Sun Media people recognized at the awards show on Friday.

"Christina Spencer was a co-emcee along with Linwood Barclay of the Star and they were terrific, very funny, very topical.

"Lew Fournier was recognized as an unsung hero for his great career on the desk and was one of the presenters, as was Mandy Martin of Cobourg and Port Hope.

"Lou Clancy paid tribute to two of the greats sportswriters ever - Milt Dunnell and George Gross."

Thanks for the e-mail, Bryan.

We're delighted to hear Lew Fournier took a bow in front of media reps from across Canada. He has been one of the Sun's unsung heroes for more than two decades.

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  1. He's my granddad, and he's a great writer!