Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Now, Now

Hold the phone, says Toronto Sun Editor Rob Granatstein, 333 King Street East isn't a future condo site as reported in the current issue of Now magazine.

"I think Now has the wrong side of the street," Rob tells TSF in an e-mail. "There's a 14-storey building under construction on the west side of Princess, at maybe 323 King. I see it from my window. I'm pretty sure that's what they're talking about."

TSF is awaiting a reply from Now re the 333 information in its story.

But if 333 is safe for now, that's good news.

The building Doug, Peter and Don built in 1975, the few remaining Toronto Sun Day Oners and other 70s and 80s vets are the last links to what made the Sun a success story.

Without them, the Toronto Sun will become just another Canadian newspaper, without the heart that made it a unique tabloid for employees and readers during the first 20 or so years.

TSF tipsters say there are more changes in the wind for the profitable flagship tabloid. The wise move would be more unique tab fare and less broadsheet content, but that's just us.

Stay tuned.

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