Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Blatchford line

Is Christie Blatchford, the iconic Globe and Mail columnist, on the move?

Over at macleans.ca/blogs, we found this heading on a posting dated June 9, 2008: "National Post: Christie Blatchford has left the building."

But not a word about Christie can be found in the body of the post. The topic is about the use of straps in schools.

We would have dismissed the heading as an error if not for Christie's May 31 Globe column about feeling sad and depressed after attending retirement parties for two older friends and she goes on to describe her life as a single, shy columnist.

"Lots of the reporters I know are, like me, a little shy, a little messed up, the sort of people who at a party are like a cat, sticking to the edges of the room, a bit wary," she wrote. "That's the only distance we need to have in my view, whether we are writing about war or sport or politics."

That's our Christie - an open book, whether she is writing for the Globe, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun or National Post. She has covered all of those print media bases in her lengthy newspaper career.

We don't know what the "National Post: Christie Blatchford has left the building" blog heading means. Could it have been a wayward heading from when she left the National Post?

Hopefully, there's nothing to it and Christie, an award winning author, columnist and broadcast commentator, isn't about to make an exit.

There's only one Christie Blatchford and Canadian media can't afford to lose her.

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  1. Goodness. Blatch left the National Post building in 2003. The point of the blog post headline -- less self-evident than I had hoped -- is that today's National Post isn't quite the one she used to work at.