Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Globe job

FYI Tim Fryer and Darren "Woody" McGee, the Globe and Mail is in need of an assistant news editor.

The Globe and Mail appreciates talent and these two Toronto Sun assistant managing editors, abruptly shown the door recently by Quebecor, would qualify for the job, says a former Sun exec who worked with Tim and Darren for years.

"Both would qualify," says the former exec. "They are very talented."

The Globe ad reads:

"The successful candidate will play a key role in shaping the front page each day. As such, he or she will be a top-notch editor with a keen intellect and an enthusiasm for the challenge of showcasing the best stories of the day.

"This job demands excellent headline-writing abilities and a familiarity with the fundamentals of newspaper design."

Tim and Darren were responsible for much of the daily magic showcased in those award winning Toronto Sun front pages and inside news layouts over the years.

They are too gifted to be on the outside of the competitive Toronto media market looking in, individually or together as part of a talented news team.

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