Thursday, 12 June 2008

Silverman/SUN TV

Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington scores again today with an instant replay of Peter Silverman's sudden ousting from CITY-TV.

Joe interviewed Silverman, CITY's popular, award-winning consumer advocate for almost 20 years, a week after CITY showed him the door.

Silverman deserves all of the attention Joe devotes to him in the full column. He has helped thousands of little guys fight the system and he's got more to offer.

As Joe writes, ". . . how about finding another home, like the Hockey Night in Canada theme song did this week by going to CTV?

"I am all ears," said Silverman, who says that, as an old boxer, he still has some fight in him.

Well, Joe, how about suggesting Quebecor step in and offer Silverman a weekly half-hour slot on SUN TV? Squeeze him in between American reruns and B movies and watch the ratings go up.

Little need for a major ad campaign to promote him because Silverman already has a substantial audience, judging by the thousands of letters he has been receiving at CITY.

Snapping up Silverman would be a smart move for a budding TV network that insists it is a player.

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