Friday, 13 June 2008

Lamberti shuffle

Google "Rob Lamberti" and you get pages and pages of GTA murder and mayhem stories by the award winning Toronto Sun crime beat vet.

A pleasant surprise in Thursday's Sun was a Lamberti story about the aftermath of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's apology to aboriginals in the House of Commons.

What happened to tens of thousands of aboriginal children at government-sponsored residential schools was a crime, but the well written story wasn't Lamberti's normal tabloid crime fare.

His lead was classic Sun - tight and bright:

"The apologies have been made.

Now it's time to heal."

The big city cop desk beat tends to burn out most reporters after two or three years, with the steady diet of the grim side of city life. Lamberti has been chasing ambulances for more than 20 years.

Thursday's story shows Rob can change lanes, leave the streets of Toronto and write a sensitive piece that keeps you reading from beginning to end.

More to come?

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