Monday, 30 June 2008

Dunlop dunces

And the winners are . . .

That headline on Page 36 of the Sunday Sun gave us hope. Perhaps this would be the day Sun Media will name ALL of its 2007 Edward Dunlop Award of Excellence recipients.

But no such luck.

The Sunday Sun devoted a full page to the Dunlops banquet Thursday night, but there were few words about winners at other Sun Media newspapers.

Sun Media, the largest newspaper chain in Canada, won't win any awards for its handling of the annual in-house Dunlop Awards.

No overall press release when the awards were announced in April and no press release on the day of the awards banquet.

It's amateur night compared to most media awards presented across North America. Check out the 25 or so media awards links on this blog. Full lists most of the time, not to each his own.

Cynics could get the impression Quebecor wants to downplay the Dunlops, the awards being from the "old ways" days and all. Dump the Dunlops, launched in the 1980s by Doug Creighton? Who knows, but they sure aren't being promoted properly.

If there is a complete list of 2007 Dunlop Award winners online, it is elusive.

But congrats to all of the Dunlop recipients, whoever you are.

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