Thursday, 12 June 2008

The pie caper

Steve Tilley, Sun Media's tech guy, and Cate Simpson over at Torontoist, have had a blogging good time with Rogers' peculiar apple pie approach to promoting Apple's 3G iPhone due here next month.

Tilley says he received two apple pies from Rogers, no doubt a tasty booty that will bode well for Rogers, should Tilley ever get the real thing to review.

We're kidding. Sun journalists can't be influenced, no matter how damn fine a payola pie is delivered.

Tilley does say on his blog: "I'm with Ms. Simpson on one thing though - next time, Rogers and Apple, forget the pie and just send the iPhone."

Unsolicited food deliveries take us back to the 1980s when a gent we came to know as the Unknown Lottery Freak would send fish and chips, cutlery and all, to the Sun by snail mail.

But most of the time he would just send crisp $1 bills to this lottery columnist, and to Mark Bonokoski and Peter Worthington, with a little note saying: "Buy yourself a coffee and a danish."

Cash in the mail beats cold fish and chips, hands down.

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