Monday, 2 June 2008

Joe & mittens

How long has it been since Toronto Sun readers shared a visit with Joe Clark, mittens and all?

Much too long - but Andy Donato remedied that today with his full colour editorial cartoon.

We have missed Joe and his mittens, ditto for Pierre Trudeau and his rose. There's not much for cartoonists to work with when it comes to Stephen Harper.

Joe and his mittens. The nostalgia makes us weepy. Andy must be hoping Joe will decide to run for PM again.

Speaking of cartoons in colour . . .

Today's Sun was under 100 pages, which again confirms our independent research into why some cartoons by Donato and Susan Dewar are in black and white, giving the tab that prehistoric 70s look, and others are in colour.

We're pretty confident our pet project shows that the new Quebecor presses can't handle colour cartoons on the editorial page when the paper has more than 100 pages.

So, Rob Granatstein, editorial page editor, confirm or deny. Are editorial cartoons in papers topping 100 pages being sent back to the dark ages of black and white because of press limitations?

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