Monday, 23 June 2008

WinSun dilemma

Two CEP locals at the Winnipeg Sun went in opposite directions in strike votes Sunday, creating a unique scenario for the unionized employees.

The Winnipeg Free Press says CEP Local 191 voted heavily in favour of a strike, while Local 900G voted in favour of accepting Sun Media's offer by a narrow margin.

Local 191 represents about 100 editorial, advertising, mailroom and bindery workers and Local 900G represents about 50 pre-press, art department and the paper's commercial press operators, says the Free Press story.

Paul McKie, a national CEP rep, says the union has to abide by the votes, but a strike by Local 191 members won't be called until the split vote dilemma is discussed later this week.

The old union slogan "solidarity forever" could be put to the test if Local 191 employees do go on strike and Local 900G members face a picket line.

McKie told the Free Press individual members of Local 900G could refuse to cross a picket line.

Stay tuned for the outcome of that interesting development.

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