Sunday, 25 October 2009

Black Wednesday?

A TSF tipster says a recent e-mail to Sun Media circulation and distribution employees advises them to attend a meeting at the Toronto Sun on Wednesday.

That is raising concern, says the tipster.

It could be for a friendly pep talk, but at this time of the year, with rumours about another round of pre-Christmas cuts, who knows.

Could the axe be falling on some distribution routes? Is there an agreement with another Toronto newspaper to share distribution routes, which has been done by papers elsewhere?

We've always wondered if print editions in communities well beyond the GTA are an endangered species.

While most people beyond the GTA probably take the daily trucking of the Sun to smaller villages, towns and cities for granted, we don't.

Even at $1.58, and aside from all of our bitching about the changing of the tabloid, having the Sun in corner stores seven days a week is a convenience that has always been appreciated.

Chopping distribution areas and pushing readers beyond the GTA to use the Sun's online e-Edition at five bucks a month would be a setback in our daily routine, but not a surprise move by the bean counters.

We have no idea what Wednesday will bring. In PKP's world, what was does not mean what will always be.

Stay tuned.


  1. Blah, blah, blah. If they cut, they cut. Who really cares anymore?
    We all despise working for PKP anyway, so he'll be doing half of us a favour by forcing us off our demoralized asses to get a REAL job in a decent company.
    Bring it on!

  2. So it wasn’t a black Wednesday after all… as a matter of fact, it was nothing but good news to all the mangers who were involved in National Post launch. Obviously your source of information was not correct, whoever you got this info from needs to move on and do something really useful with their lives.

  3. On the contrary, upper management types have known about the next round of immediate downsizing for a while now. It's just more focused and not as 'impressive' as last time.
    Many of the real losses will come before the first half of 2010 as several large projects finally kick into gear. The effect will be felt throughout the company, mark my words.