Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sun & seniors

There are no demographics when it comes to Toronto Sun news, as the tabloid showed with style these past few days.

As Bill Sandford, former award-winning Sun photographer puts it:

"The weekend Sun story on the seniors being harassed by the City of Toronto bylaw officer is a classic rant from the days when it was a great newspaper.

"It takes the old slogan of newspapers, the Star specifically, 'comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable' to a new level.

"It’s great to see Sue-Ann Levy pick up where she left off.

"If these are tax-paying citizens of the city, then their tab has already been paid, several times over.

"I’m glad to see in today’s edition, that the city Nazis have backed down. Councilors Doug Holyday and Rob Ford also deserve some credit for coming to the defense of the seniors.

"It’s also nice to see the other papers chasing after the issue two days later."

Thanks for your e-mail, Bill, and we second that emotion.

The initial story did sound like a belated April Fool's hoax. First they fill Toronto's prized, green parks with garbage, then they want to charge seniors for walking in them.

Definitely one for the 2009 wacky news roundup.

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