Thursday, 29 October 2009

The day after

No words from TSF tipsters following yesterday's rumoured Sun Media circulation and distribution employee conference, so it appears the sky has not fallen on them.

With the 38th anniversary of the Toronto Sun's Nov. 1, 1971, launch coming up Sunday, no news is good news when it comes to cutbacks.


  1. This is why you guys need to focus on the entire Quebecor chain ... and not just the Toronto Sun.

    Let's be honest, we're much more interesting as a family, not a single paper.

  2. I kind of thought they had been covering the chain. If you look through previous postings, they've covered many QMI products. I just think more 'stuff' happens at the bigger market dailies.
    That said, more 'stuff' also falls under the radar at the smaller weeklies and dailies too, so yeah, in some regards you're right, but give them their dues. They can only report on events that are revealed to them from tipsters.