Friday, 9 October 2009

Early phone listings

This is a Where Are They Now? posting.

Found a couple of pages from a late 1970s or early 1980s Toronto Sun telephone booklet while sorting a box of clippings recently.

The pages are for Sports, Sunday Sun, Circulation, Real Estate, Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Photo, Colour Department and Darkroom.

Few of the employees listed remain on the job at 333, so let's try a Where Are They Now? appeal for the departments, beginning with 30 names listed for Circulation.

If you are listed, let us know if you are still on the job or provide brief details of your post-Sun years in an e-mail to TSF.

Carl O'Byrne, director

Barbara Owen, secretary to director

Joe King, assistant director

Vena Banks, secretary to H.D. manager

John Bass, single copy supervisor

Randy Billinghurst, promotion clerk

Harry Brohm, assistant to single copy sales manager

Russ Burnham, circulation marketing manager

Sue Carrington, secretary to S.C. sales manager

Toni Cosentino, computer clerk

Desiree D'Ornellas, cashier

Peter Fournier, assistant home delivery manager

Jim Gibbison, single copy supervisor

Lloyd Gloster, single copy supervisor

Graham Henrickson, single copy sales manager

Paul Jensen, training and devekopment supervisor

Marj Kinsella, switchboard operator

Noreen Kitchen, customer service rep

Don Law, promotions manager

Angela Lloyd, single copy supervisor

Jennifer Marks, mail subscriptions/advance pay

Frank Marostega, home delivery manager

Brian Martel, telephone sales

Betty Nohay, senior clerk

Doug Pell, senior single copy supervisor

Laila Rintamaki, accountant

Paul Tugwell, traffic supervisor


Margaret Bethune, customer service

Lucy Gomes, mail subscriptions/advance pay

Trudy Stanford, customer service

The list reflects a time when readers were on a pedestal and adequate manpower was provided to keep them satisfied.

Down the road - the impressive Sports Department lineup.

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