Monday, 19 October 2009

More Sun cuts?

With the first anniversary of Black Tuesday approaching, word is there are more jobs cuts in the wind for the Toronto Sun, say TSF tipsters.

One tipster says the voluntary departure of Lou Clancy as editor-in-chief at the end of the month has more to do with another round of pink slips in the works than retirement plans.

"Rumours abound that more cuts are coming after the quarter (read: end of the month) and that Clancy wanted no part of it," says the tipster.

Clancy, a newsman's newsman with decades of newsroom experience at major dailies in Ontario, wept in announcing Black Tuesday's job cuts last December.

The Toronto Sun lost a couple of dozen employees last December, the Sun Media chain lost a total of 600. How many jobs can be squeezed from the ranks by the Grinch this Christmas?

If more Toronto Sun cuts are coming, we fear for the Toronto Sun's newsroom. The fixation on upfront sports this year, especially the pathetic losing Toronto Maple Leafs, tells us news coverage is expendable.

PKP's father wanted to turn the successful Toronto Sun into a sports and entertainment paper in the 1970s during his thankfully unsuccessful bid to buy into the tabloid. Like father, like son, Sun Media newspapers are being encouraged to use upfront news slots for sports.

Stay tuned.


  1. So instead of the company coming out and saying to its employees, 'yes cuts are coming,' we have to sit in the dark and just cross our fingers our name isn't on the cutting list. A real morale booster for the newsrooms.

    I'd rather know now if I'm going to lose my job instead of ruining my holidays completely like they did for so many people last year.

    This company is going under in a hurry and Clancy is smart to abandon the sinking ship.

  2. Maybe Clancy and Sifton will take a stab at the industry again. I'd work for them and I am sure so would most in the chain

  3. And laying off more staff will increase circulation how? Soon there will be nothing but wire copy to wrap the ads around. Oops, I forgot, they are getting rid of the wire copy too.

  4. No, they're not, silly. They're replacing it with Sun Media wire copy... from a centre that will surely be understaffed and scrambling to keep pace with the news. It's the PKP recipe for success! Whoopee!

  5. Yes, more cuts are coming. This time it's mostly the weeklies and shoppers that will feel the immediate impact.
    Dailies will receive cutbacks in the form of more aggressive centralization strategies, the nature of which will not be announced until February, but are likely to start with circulation departments, then sales and editorial.

    Good luck to all.

  6. Niagara already has one circulation manager for all three papers. A central desk rumour for Niagara keeps floating around as well

  7. The central desk rumour is going around for the Delhi, Simcoe, Brantford, Woodstock, Norwich and Ingersoll papers too. Wonderful. Sounds like they're gaining in momentum. Just in time for Black Tuesday 2.0?

  8. Apparently, the entire graphics division but one was axed, with the one being moved to the Barrie sweatshop. Also, word has come down (no doubt to quell these sorts of rumours) that there will be no layoffs in Toronto editorial at this time. But everywhere else...
    But you can bet the notices will be flying once the Belleville stinkshop is up and running at full bore. Quality journalism work for all, at $18 an hour. What a bargain.

  9. Belleville stinkshop? Work is currently flowing out of Belleville, not into it. Does the previous poster have info they would care to share with the rest of us?

  10. Likely none you'll want to hear...

  11. Anyone else notice the flood of mistake-ridden PDFs lately?

    But it's the Centre of Excellence - where mistakes are never made.

  12. Is everyone from 333 being randomly dispersed or are they just cutting everyone that worked there slowly? Will Toronto have an office by spring 2010?