Friday, 2 October 2009

New office hrs

The separation of Sun Media newspapers and its readers continues, this time with new office hours advising Welland Tribune customers they will have to get there by 1 p.m. to do business.

A TSF tipster provided a photo of a sign outlining the new hours for the Welland Tribune, effective Monday. Is it just Welland, or are hours at other Sun Media newspapers being cut?

The tipster writes:

"The following news item was posted on the Welland Tribune web site on October 2. A sign on the front door went up recently to let customers know of the changes.

"I snapped this picture on my cell phone yesterday.

"Are office hours being cut at all Sun Media locations? The only phone number on the sign is for the classifieds call centre.

"It seems they are trying to limit personal contact with their customers."

Another tipster says "they don''t want to meet the public anymore."

The news story reads:

New office hours for Tribune

WELLAND — Office hours at The Tribune are changing next week.

As of Monday, Oct. 5, The Tribune office at 228 East Main St. will be open from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. These hours will apply each weekday, Monday to Friday.

Reporters and advertising representatives will continue to be available to customers throughout the day, but those readers wishing to deal with circulation issues should call 1-866-318-5062 while classified inquiries should be made to 1-866-541-6757.

The newsroom can be reached at any time during the day by dialing 905-732-2414 ext 2.

Are the hours at other Sun Media newspaper offices being cut? Send us an e-mail.


  1. The North Bay Nugget cut their office hours similarly in March.

  2. Same in Brantford. You should see how many people stand yanking at the door, while we all look on and shrug.

    It's truly awful. Even worse, when you leave to grab a coffee, then have to use your key to get in and quickly shut the door before a customer can scuttle by you. I've been ranted at countless times by some aged member of the general public who managed to get a friend or family member to drive them down to the office to pay their subscription, only to find us closed.

    It usually starts with "The Expositor hasn't been closed on Mondays in..." and ends with "...what is this newspaper coming to? Why am I still a subscriber? I can't even pay my damn subscription!"

    We just nod and take the abuse now. How can we defend ourselves? They're absolutely right.

  3. Sault Ste Marie Star cut their hours in March. It's horrible and hard to justify you're a business in the community that doesn't keep business hours.