Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Short shorts

Gas Watch: Regular gas at the Ultramar station in Cobourg tonight - 77.5. GTA - 90-plus. Where's Linda Leatherdale to protest gas gouging? Or are GTA motorists content to pay whatever as long as it is under $1?

Martha Perkins has been the award winning editor of the Haliburton County Echo for 20 of her 25 years at the paper, now owned by Sun Media. But she's moving on to B.C., with her husband. She has been hired as editor of the Bowen Island Undercurrent, north of Vancouver.

Joan Sutton Straus, a Toronto Sun Day Oner and former Lifestyle editor, says from New York: "Houston snobbery wasn't always so. When I went to a party in Houston and met the then-mayor, he was very happy that the Sun had bought the paper. When I expressed surprise that he was so pleased about a foreign owner, he said, 'Better you than one of those Easterners.'"

Drove by 333 the other night and noticed the former main floor smoking room, visible from the street, is now a conference room filled with chairs. Now that is progress. To the left during the drive-by, Betty's, the Sun's unofficial press club where many a farewell toast has been raised.

Just like old times: The Saturday Sun, with Joe Warmington's Scrawler column on Page 6 commenting on T.O. radio popularity positioning, just like Page 6 vet Gary Dunford would do occasionally. And yes, CFRB has paid the price for its snooze-inducing gabfest format.

Not that the editors would listen, but Sun readers should petition for the return of a daily Page 6er. Warmington would fit the bill, with his multi-item Scrawler style. Bumping Dunford off Page 6 a couple of decades ago was a huge mistake, as was sending the SUNshine Girl to the rafters. Sun Media execs concerned about the "churn" should focus on tabloid faves.

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  1. Very happy for Martha Perkins but man, she will be missed up there. I first met her in the late 80s when I was working for a rival paper in the area. You just had to respect her work ethic. Even as I moved from paper to paper, I found reason to stay in touch. She was always willing to share her contacts and information. It didn't matter to her, probably because she knew whatever I or anyone else got, she would do it better. She put that paper on the map. Good luck out west Martha.