Saturday, 20 February 2010

Front points

We don't want to flog a dead horse, but the Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg Suns all went with Winter Olympics gold fronts on Friday.

The Toronto Sun went with Gordon Lightfoot, 71, not being dead after all, despite Thursday's radio, online news and tweet reports of his demise.

Lightfoot's front page smile delighted longtime fans of the iconic Canadian singer/songwriter, so the front was good for 5 points.

Clearly, the Toronto Sun is not in a Winter Olympics frame of mind. Did the assault on reporter Ian Robertson during the torch run sour editors?

As for comments to TSF about the hometowns of medal winners making a difference in front page news decisions, the athletes are not representing their hometowns or provinces.

They are representing Canada.

Did Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg hesitate because the gold in Friday's front went to Christine Nesbitt, a skater from London, Ontario? Nope.

Winnipeg Sun

Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa same photo/headline


  1. World on hold during Olympics, nothing important happening locally. Got it. Follow example of every U.S. daily and lead with medal winners every day. Check. Just like The Times and every other London paper did for Amy Williams today. Right.

  2. This time, a no-brainer. Gord-is-not-dead story trumps Olympic gold by a longshot. Tiger Woods' address to the nations ... same thing.

    Saluting every Olympic gold win -- unless earned in some dramatic or controversial fashion or achieved in men's and women's hockey -- will get tiring and oversaturated.

  3. Besides, The Star being free during the Olympics suggests that maybe we should try something different to keep our readers' interests. Why should we always follow the damn pack?

    Rob Lamberti
    Toronto Sun Unit Chair
    CEP 87M

  4. Maybe every other paper is leading with Olympics heroics for a reason. Maybe the TorSun is right to go against the grain ... and maybe it isn't.