Wednesday 28 September 2011

13 Ed Monteith

A salute to The 62

Edgar Earl Monteith was 14 when hired by the Toronto Telegram in 1941 as a copy boy. The early strength of Ed's character was evident when he dropped out of school to get a job to help support the family after his father died. Two newspapers would be his life for the next 50 years. He was an assistant managing editor when the Tely axe fell in 1971. Two days later, he was founding managing editor of the Sun. Ed, considered the rock of the newsroom, was a mentor to many. While the tabloid was known for pushing the envelop, the father of five daughters was there to draw the line on many occasions. When you think of Ed, you picture a newspaperman standing tall in the saddle, cigar in hand and oozing confidence. We thought his newsroom presence would never end, but in November of 1990, Ed retired to the golf course, shooting a personal best 98 just days before dying of a heart attack on Aug. 16, 1996. He was 69.

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