Friday 16 September 2011

Crime does pay

Michele Mandel's crime and justice columns are keeping the tabloid spirit alive at the Toronto Sun and Thursday's piece about the lonely hearts shoeshine boy killer is a prime example.

While a new generation of Sun readers might not recognize the name Saul Betesh, readers who were around in 1977 haven't forgotten his involvement in the sex slaying of 12-year-old Emanuel Jaques

Sun  Media lost a great crime writer in Rob Tripp at the Kingston Whig-Standard, who briefly raised the Betesh prison Internet use issue in a Sept. 8 posting on his CanCrime site.

But the Sun  still has Michele to remind print readers of current and vintage cases of justice and injustice.  

(Peter Worthington helped curb pension payments to mass murderer Clifford Olson, perhaps Michele and her readers can campaign for an end to the Internet in prisons.) 

The Toronto Sun has all but abandoned the crime-dominated formula, with a dash of T&A and the unexpected, that made it a success in favour of wall-to-wall politics and self-promotion. 

Michele's columns put us in a vintage Sun state of mind.

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