Sunday 11 September 2011

6 Paul Rimstead

A salute to The 62

Paul Rimstead died 24 years ago, but tell people you worked for the Toronto Sun back in the day and chances are they will ask about Rimmer. From Day One, the affable and gifted Sudbury-born columnist had a faithful following with his tales of Flashbulb Freddy, Rusty Rita, (his car) Miss Hinky (his wife, Myrna) etc. When not on the phone to rewrite, he was on stage drumming, holding court telling stories or writing a book. The high school dropout's first taste of journalism was at 11 as editor/publisher of the Beatrice Bugle in Beatrice, Ont., Pop 37. His later years as a pool hustler, burlesque house usher, Fuller Brush man etc. provided colour for his Tely and Sun columns. Readers loved him, but not enough voted for him in his 1972 bid for mayor. We lost Paul on May 26, 1987, at age 52. One of the Sun's true legends is missed, dammit.

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We want to give everyone the opportunity to mark the 40th anniversary.

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