Friday 16 September 2011

We get links

The once proud London Free Press is about to undergo a newsroom makeover.

It might not be want PKP wants to hear, but insiders aren't too happy.

A TSF tipster sent this link:

"You'll be interested in Philip McLeod's latest blog post regarding The London Free Press," says the tipster. "Phil is a former editor-in-chief of the LFP during the late 1980s and to about 1997.

"He then co-founded the community newspaper The Londoner and was its editor for several years before it was purchased by Sun Media."

With all of the talk of "freedom" in the Sun and on Sun News, take the time to read the jaw-dropping, shameful  leaked LFP management memo to newsroom employees about what they should say - and not say - during a pending visit by PKP.

McLeod says in his blog PKP's scheduled visit in late August was cancelled, so the newsroom didn't get the opportunity to say only what PKP wants to hear.

He writes:

"What’s this? PKP, owner of more Canadian newspapers than any other person in this country, doesn’t like to hear the other side, get all the facts, engage in a little debate?"

Yes, dear TSF readers, that is why we chuckle whenever Sun columnists and the Sun News hordes spout "freedom" as if they have it as employees of Sun Media.

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