Friday, 23 September 2011

Den Tandt out?

Michael Den Tandt, managing editor of his hometown Owen Sound Sun Times and a Sun Media op-ed columnist, is moving on, says a TSF tipster.

The tipster says the former Globe and Mail reporter is leaving his Sun ties - he is also Sun Media's regional managing editor for North Central Ontario - to write for a national news service.

Den Tandt's national affairs columns have appeared in 30 Sun Media newspapers across the chain twice a week.

His most recent column online is from Sept. 13.

Which national news service?

Stay tuned.


  1. Huffington?

    Seriously. They seem to be paying a few people.


  2. He's has gone to the National Post. Lou Clancy wanted him.

  3. Diving from one sinking ship to another.....

  4. To 9:40 am: When all the to-come mergers and acquisitions finally play out, the Post will be fine in a media-focused environment. Meanwhile, back at Quebecor, we continue to be enthralled with the focus of our company being on a cellphone network, Quebec arena naming rights, and a new TV station that is being watched by very few.

  5. The reality is PostMedia has not done the hack and slash.....yet. In the end, a move to that ship will undoubtedly prove to be a bust...Not even Lou Clancy can save a chain stuck in red ink up to their collective eyeballs.