Tuesday 13 September 2011

7 David Cooper

A salute to The 62

David Cooper: In the early years of the Toronto Sun, turnover was minimal. A few moved on for various reasons, including David, one of three Day One photographers catered to by darkroom chief Wasyl Kowalishen. David left in 1977 for the Toronto Star, where he would win a 2007 National Newspaper Award for sports photography. He is still at the Star 34 years later. David fondly recalls the Sun launch. After the Telegram folded, David, Norm Betts and Jac Holland went shopping for darkroom equipment to be ready for the Sun launch two days later. His first SUNshine Girl, Tiiu Poder, 18, snapped in black and white and fully clothed while shopping for a camera at Henry’s, was also the first in the Sun. She was on Page 16, not Page 3, the more popular placement once the clothes started to come off.
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  1. Cooper had one of the great job-related lines of all-time: "Why did I leave the Sun to go to the Star? More Money and Les Pyette." All the best, David. A great photographer, right up there with Betts, Holland, Gray, Peake, Wesley, etc. etc. Cheers, Les in London, On.

  2. Great Toronto Star blog by Cooper about the Kingston Pen riot that he covered with Norm Betts while at the Tely.