Monday, 9 July 2007

Donato & Dewar

What a week it was for Andy Donato and Susan Dewar while attending the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists' 50th anniversary convention in Washington, D.C.

The award-winning Sun Media editorial cartoonists mingled with hundreds of other North American cartoonists and Wednesday night, watched Independence Day fireworks from a patio atop the Canadian Embassy with 250 other guests.

We have to wonder if Andy's unflattering George W. cartoons were discussed at the embassy or while attending the four-day convention.

Not that Andy would be alone with that sentiment. Razzing George W. appears to be a popular pastime for cartoonists.

Dennis Kucinich, a Democratic presidential candidate, got the last laughs as the closing guest speaker at the convention Saturday night.

On a more serious side, association members voted earlier to support a list of measures aimed at preserving the jobs of newspaper cartoonists, as mentioned in an Editor & Publisher story.

As for Canadian input,
the E&P story says Malcolm Mayes of the Edmonton Journal said Canadian editorial cartoonists tend to get paid more for their work than American editorial cartoonists do.

"Mayes' comment was the impetus for the vote to look into the possibility of higher U.S. pricing.

Should Quebecor execs have read the same story, in our books, Andy Donato could never be paid too much.

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  1. "We haven't seen anything on the Internet - in English - in recent weeks that might indicate an effort is being made by Quebecor to settle the lockout/strike"

    Sadly, nothing is done from the boss side. The door is shut.