Saturday, 7 July 2007

Osprey still open?

The fat lady has not taken the stage in the Osprey/Quebecor/Black Press opera.

Not so, says a story today from James Wallace, Osprey's Queen's Park columnist.

James writes:

"At this point Quebecor's on top," said Mike Sifton, Osprey's president and CEO. "They lost their court case. They have, however, stepped up on price yet again so they are the front runner."

But the bidding for the newspaper chain could just be getting under way.

"Black or anybody else could come in with an unsolicited, superior proposal at any point in this process, right up virtually until (Aug. 3)," Sifton said.

We found this full story with Sifton's comments in the online edition of the Welland Tribune, an Osprey newspaper, while news reports from most other sources say Quebcor's latest offer was approved by Osprey's board Friday and is a done deal.

So Who's on first?

We are talking media here, a business that is supposed to be focused on getting the facts right.

James quotes Osprey's president and CEO saying Osprey is still open to bids up to the Aug. 3 deadline. Sounds official to us.

So the game of Osprey hold 'em continues.

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