Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Rolf reinstated

Rolf Rimstad, laid off last summer after 30 years as a Toronto Sun copy editor, is back on the job following an Ontario Labour Board ruling.

Janice Johnson, an OLB arbitrator, ruled in favour of Rolf and ordered he be allowed to return to his job immediately, says the new SONG newsletter at

Rolf, brother of the late Sun columnist Paul Rimstead, was among those laid off in June of 2006. The Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild filed a grievance against Quebecor. says Johnson's comments in her decision included:

“In light of the facts as I have found them to be and after carefully considering the submissions of the parties, I conclude that in laying off Rolf Rimstad on June 20, 2006, the employer did not act in a manner that was consistent with the terms and conditions of the collective agreement as is required by Article 401.

"Specifically, the employer violated Article 710 of the collective agreement in that it laid off Mr. Rimstad from his classification of copy editor and retained employees classified as copy editor, who had less seniority than Mr. Rimstad. The grievance is therefore upheld.

"Accordingly, the layoff of Mr. Rimstad was a contravention of the collective agreement. He is to be immediately reinstated.”

Well done, Rolf and SONG.

You couldn't ask for a more dedicated Sun staffer.

For those Sun Media employees still pondering the merits of being a union member in Quebecor's world, consider Rolf's successful grievance Exhibit A.

The latest SONG newsletter at also includes updates on the Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Examiner organizing drive, an update on the Toronto Sun's pre-press bargaining news etc.

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