Sunday, 29 July 2007

Why hang in?

Sean McCann, former Toronto Sun and Calgary Sun vet, reflects on the changing face of the Toronto Sun in an e-mail to TSF:

"I can't help wondering why some of the folks who knew the old Sun keep holding on," Sean writes. "Maybe they have it right, change with the times. However, I still have to wonder why they are still there. It's not what they signed on for.

"Oh, I can see the Bonokoskis, Strobels, Worthingtons, Donatos etc. Obviously they still have their forum.

"But it's not the forum it used to be, so why would those talented folks hang around is all I ask. It is beyond me really.

"I remember having a drink with David Bailey (former Toronto and Edmonton Suns staffer) in T.O. shortly before he died. He was ME, I believe, of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record at the time. He said to me: 'You know Sean, there is life after the Sun.'

"He was so right. There is life after the Sun . . . we both knew."

Thank you for your e-mail Sean.


  1. It's called a paycheque and, in many cases, one that is better than they could realize elsewhere.

  2. Bailey was right about that. Ask all the people who've left in the last year or so.